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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1: 17 Day Diet

My books came in last week and I sat down and eagerly read what my new diet held in store for me.  At this time I weighed around 167.  I put off starting my diet until yesterday because I had a fabulous Dallas weekend planned.  Part of the excitement was enjoying a lot of delicious food so the diet didn't begin until after the trip.  Well, I must have eaten a LOT more of that delicious food than I thought because I weighed 172.2 yesterday morning! 

Basically the first 17 days of the diet cut out carbs, sugars, and all the foods I enjoy.  You are also supposed to drink 8 glasses of water and exercise 17 minutes a day.  So I didn't do EVERYTHING I was supposed to do, but I did pretty well.

Breakfast: Sage tea, 2 scrambled eggs, and 1 apple.

Lunch: 2 tilapia filets, carrots

Snack(s): 1 yogurt, 1 coffee, sliced chicken from the deli, tuna with a little mustard (I also forgot I was dieting and drank some Dr. Pepper before I ever even thought about it.)

Dinner: Sliced chicken and small salad with fat-free Italian dressing

Day 1 wasn't nearly as hard as I had imagined. I didn't feel very well yesterday so I didn't exercise and I probably only drank around 3-4 glasses of water. When I woke up this morning and weighed, I was delighted to see that I weighed 169.8!!

Total Lost: 2.4 pounds!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Take 2

I'm back!!!  Really I should say "Mrs. Prissy Pants take 2" because I am starting over with a clean slate.  Why have I returned to the blogging world?  Welll....I am about to begin the 17 day diet and I thought it would be helpful to blog about my journey.  Let's start with a little background.  I have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life.  I was a fat kid who grew up to be a fat adult with brief periods of weight loss mixed in.  The heavest I have been is somewhere in the 170s and the smallest I have been in my adult life is around 140.  I have worn sizes 8 - 14.  My smallest weight can be attributed to boyfriend drama which pushed me to become addicted to the gym.  After I began dating my husband, the weight began to pile back on.  I lost a good amount prior to our wedding (I weighed 148 on our wedding day) but began putting it back on during the honeymoon and have been trying to lose it ever since.  Around Christmas we went to Disneyworld and I returned weighing 175 pounds!!!  My husband and I both began Nutrisystem and stuck with it for about 3 months.  In which time I was able to lose around 13 pounds.  I have gained a few of those back.  Nutrisystem is a good diet, but honestly I only liked 2 of the dinner choices, 2 of the lunch choices, and 3 of the breakfast choices which got old REALLY fast.  I am planning to begin the 17 day diet when my Amazon order comes in and am hoping I will have success. 

                                       My thinnest and also where I would like to be again!